eSE (embedded Secure Element)


Our eSE (embedded Secure Element) chip provides hardware based security protection for all types of connected devices & terminals. The eSE includes different hardware security sensors, rich cryptographic algorithm processors, large ultra-reliable secure storage, and supports multiple types of peripherals. It can meet the diverse security requirements of all devices with sophisticated functions. Furthermore, we could provide reference designs & solutions for implementing identification, digital payment, terminal management, stream cipher, etc., making it easier for device manufactures to achieve high security performances. Our eSE products have passed SOGIS CC EAL5+ certificate, OSCCA L2 certification etc., satisfying international & domestic security capabilities.

Why Goodix?

Advanced Security Design & Rich Crypto Algorithms
  • Dedicated secure controller with additional security enhancements

  • Multiple types of sensors to protect against penetration attacks

  • Certified TRNG / DRNG / TDES / AES / SHA / RSA / ECC crypto libraries

Large Flash Memory & Rich Peripherals
  • MegaByte level secure flash

  • Ultra high endurance flash with wear leveling

  • Rich peripherals: SPI, I2C, ISO7816, and GPIOs, etc.

  • Multi-platform drivers: Linux, FreeRTOS, Android, and Mbed

Powerful Chip Operating System
  • Multi-tasks concurrency handling

  • Multi-logical channels

  • Fully support Global Platform

  • Dual virtual machine

Reference Design for Diversified Solutions
  • PKI applet & identification authentication solution

  • Stream cipher applet & video encryption solution

  • E-CNY wallet & payment terminal solution

  • Key management & terminal management solution

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